Reptiles on the Reserve

Plans are underway to create a reptile area on our wetlands nature reserve. This contained area will feature native snakes and lizards, including the rare sand lizard, which has suffered major habitat loss. The reptiles will be located adjacent to the Wetlands Boardwalk so they can be viewed by visitors.

Kingfisher Bank

Later this year we are planning the creation of an artifical kingfisher bank, specially constructed for observation and photography from the Wetland Boardwalk. The bank will be constructed from layers of earth and straw behind a heavy duty mesh barrier, allowing kingfishers to burrow and nest.

Nature Reserve Extension

Work is ongoing to transform 10 acres of redundant farmland into prime wetland habitat with ponds, grassland and wild flowers, to attract and support wildfowl, wading birds and a vast array of other wildlife. This latest extension will increase the nature reserve to 26 acres.

grass snake

nature reserve pond

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