This page features images taken here by our visitors, all amateur photographers visiting the British Wildlife Centre, either on an open day or attending one of our exclusive photography days. If you have any pictures taken here at the Centre that you would like us to display, then please email them to:
Please send low resolution versions only. 

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Karen Gray

Martin Burke

Fox by Keith Hunt 10-16

Keith Hunt

Trevor Coates

Otter by Liza Lockyer 10-16
Liza Lockyer

Harvest Mouse by Corinna Hardware 10-16

Corinna Hardware

Peter Hanscomb

Alan Amesbury

Peter Virgo

Snarling wildcat by Andrew MacBean 10-16

Andrew MacBean

Jean Bartlett

Polecat Pair by Vincenzo Nicosia 10-16

Vincenzo Nicosia

Flying Barn Owl by Keith Hunt 10-16

Keith Hunt

Grass Sanke by Trevor Raggatt

Trevor Raggatt

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