This page features images taken by amateur photographers visiting the British Wildlife Centre. If you have any pictures you'd like us to display here, then please email them to:
Please send low resolution versions only. 

Long eared owl by Tom Murrells

Tom Murrells

Tawny Eyes by Mervyn Randall

Mervyn Randall

Alice Lintern

Wildcat by Mark Carne

Mark Carne

Fallow deer by Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle

red squirrel by Pete Barrett

Peter Barrett

Tawny Owl by Dave Warley

Sheila Williamson

Peter Dean

Red Squirrel by Gill Somerville

Gill Somerville

Barn owl by Helen Crumper

Helen Crumper

Eagle Owl by Bob Howell

Bob Howell

Fox by Ian Spencer

Ian Spencer

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