BWC Photo of the Month

Photography is a big part of what makes the British Wildlife Centre so special, providing unique photo opportunities that would be very tricky to achieve in the wild. We love to showcase the photographic talents of our visitors. Photo of the Month displays the pick of our visitors’ photos through the year. Our Head Keeper, Matt will be selecting his favourite photo each month from the many sees, whether they are emailed in, on Flickr, Instagram or other social media sites.

For more details please visit the Keeper’s Blog


Photo of the Month: August 2019

Water Vole by Steve Heggie

New WebsitePOM08-19-Water-Vole

Photo of the Month: July 2019

Red Squirrel Kitten by Barry Doolan


Photo of the Month: June 2019

Red Squirrel by Jane Hamilton

Photo of the Month: May 2019

Harvest Mouse by Ben Leslie


Photo of the Month: April 2019

Weasel by Tony Walker


Photo of the Month: March 2019

'Playtime' (otter cubs) by Steve Liptrot


Photo of the Month: February 2019

'An Apple a Day' (yellow-necked mouse) by Laura Pomfret


Photo of the Month: January 2019

Floki the Barn Owl by Brett Watson



Molly the Weasel by Dave Burden

 Photo of the Year 2018 was awarded to Dave Burden, for his wonderful shot of Molly the weasel (April 2018 Photo of the Month),
selected by professional photographer, Sean Weekly, who said: 
“This particular image stood out for me. One reason why is that weasels are extremely challenging subjects to photograph, they move so quickly, testing any camera’s auto-focus system, and a photographer’s skills, to the limits. You literally have seconds to lock focus and compose your image before the weasel moves out of frame. The photographer had obviously thought about his composition for a while and carefully placed the focus points to the top right of the image to ensure there was some nice open space to the left of the subject. The last thing for me is the nice shallow depth of field that was used. The aperture is enough to have a nice sharp subject and log whilst retaining a clean and out of focus background.”
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