Visitor map

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The Barn

This area is the habitat of farm buildings and barns. Animals like mice, rats and barn owls often live close to people in farms and other buildings. You can see them here in a real barn!

The Copse

The Copse is the location of Britain's first Walk-Through Red Squirrel Enclosure. With no barriers between you and the squirrels you can walk among them in their woodland home for the kind of close-up viewing almost impossible in nature.

The Dell

This outside area is the location for the owl display held every afternoon on open days. You'll see five species including the tawny owl, barn owl and the magnificent eagle owl. The hedgehog talk is also held here.

The Hedgerow

The Hedgerow is home to many small creatures like hedgehogs, stoats, weasels, mice and voles, as well as an observation bee hive!

Long Eared Owls

The secretive long-eared owl is one of Britain's least known owls. We successful breed this beautiful owl species which can be seen in all their flying glory at the owl displays on open dates.

American Mink

Nocturnal House

This unique enclosure, housing rarely seen native night species, was opened by Chris Packham in March 2012. Featuring specially designed reverse lighting, the Nocturnal House allows you to observe the mysterious night time world of bats, hedgehogs and dormice during the day.

Picnic Area

Our main outdoor picnic area, just outside the Visitor Centre, is great during fine weather, where you can relax under the shade of low trees. There is also a picnic area in 'Pip's Corner' (available during the high season only).

Pip's Corner

Pip's Corner children's play area, which includes a large sandpit, allows young children to let off some steam. There is a picnic area alongside. Please note:  Pip's Corner is open in the summer months only, but will close if ground conditions are wet.

Snakes - Adders

Snakes - Grass Snakes


We have a rolling programme of unique wildlife films made specially for us. The theatre also features in scheduled school visits.

Visitor Centre

The Visitor Centre is the start of your visit and houses the admission desk, a British wildlife-themed gift shop and our Coffee Shop, offering drinks, cakes, snacks and hot and cold lunches.

Wetland Boardwalk

Over 600 metres of boardwalk takes you into our 26-acre wetland nature reserve, with wonderful views and a huge variety of wild species making it their home, including a group of resident nesting herons.